Seeing that Summer is almost upon us I thought it was about time that I posted some images from a London fashion photography shoot for the super cool model, Gwilym Pugh. The shoot took place at the end of Autumn on the street of London, always a great backdrop for a fashion shoot.

I have worked with Gwilym on a couple of projects and each time the shoots were on time, on schedule and on the money. Gwilym delivers and at the end of the day as a photographer and you the client this is just what we need. I am already looking forward to the next shoot with this talented dapper chap! OK, I am a tad biased as he sports an awesome and distinctive beard and as those of you that know me I am also a huge fan of “the beard”!

One of the projects was for the leading online lifestyle magazine “Urban Beardsman”, a truly remarkable media that reaches out to the bearded community. So if you are into beards, this is the place to stop and shop as UB is part of the leading men’s beard grooming company Beardbrand. It is a must to keep in touch with these guys to follow what is happening in “Beardworld”. Join their mailing list and keep up to date with what’s hot and what’s not!

If you’re looking for commercial photography, fashion photography or a portrait photography session with a difference, please do get in touch to discuss your particular project.

I have worked with some fantastic brands and models within the fashion industry and I’m always keen to look at new possibilities. My fashion photography has taken me in the last year to both Spain and Italy, so international commissions are always welcomed. I work with pro cameras and equipment with mobile lighting, so the possibilities are endless.

Please get in touch to discuss your next project.

Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0015 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0012 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0010 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0007 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0006 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0005 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0004 Gwilym Pugh Fashion Photography Shoot_0002