Cambridgeshire Wedding Photographer

In a county full of beautiful venues, I always feel privileged to be a wedding photographer in Cambridgeshire. From the moment you involve me in your big day, that feeling of privilege never disappears, and it’s reaffirmed whenever I look back at the weddings that I’ve been fortunate enough to capture here in Cambridgeshire.

To photograph your day would be a joy and, in return, I will present to you elegant and timeless photos that last a lifetime, which is exactly the kind of thing you want when you’re committing to a brand new life together as a married couple.

You may not even notice me in the background on the day, but I’ll be there capturing the natural flow of events as they unfold. I have a relaxed and unhurried approach, because I think that delivers the best photographs. In a nutshell, I prefer natural and honest moments, with as little posing as possible, so that you can enjoy everything going on around you. That said, as a Cambridgeshire wedding photographer, the venues in this region offer some of the most dramatic backdrops for your posed photos. Chippenham Park alone has three different options for your wedding ceremony, including a Summerhouse on a lake and a Ballroom.

I have no doubt that the venue you chose will be the most unique setting for your wedding, because that is what’s so special about your day, it’s just for you. The photos I take will reflect your personality and tell your story, which I think is the most important part of my job.

The weekends in which I get to capture Cambridgeshire wedding photography are the weekends that I enjoy most, and that is without exception.