London Wedding Photographer

Our capital city, to me, is just as romantic as the Paris’s and Venice’s of this world. London is bustling with life, energy and opportunity, and a whole lot of love.

Wherever there is love – and fun and joy, and even a happy tear – I will be there to follow the natural flow of your day, and to capture all the moments that make it so unique. Even if I go to the same venue dozens of times, it never looks the same. The people that fill it, the personal touches – the music, the food – are what make each occasion different.

As a London wedding photographer, I am happy wherever the venue may be, but the likes of the Ritz is the stuff of dreams. Mine came true the day I was asked to photograph there. What a joy it was. The rooms for the more formal photos are hard to do justice with words.

That said, I am a big fan of the less posed photos, and the ones that truly reflect your personality. That is why my approach is relaxed and unhurried. I would never put pressure on you, because I am there to support you.

As a wedding photographer in London I would describe my style as honest and emotive, while I capture everything going on around you, including the small gestures and fleeting moments. For me, it is the greatest pleasure to be the one to tell your story.

London wedding photography never gets old and always offers me new ways to shoot elegant and timeless photos, which is what I would love to do for you.